Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions on Caltex “Travel Companions Premium Gifts Redemption and Lucky Draw”:
  1. Caltex “Travel Companions Premium Gifts Redemption and Lucky Draw” (“Promotion”) is organized by Chevron Hong Kong Limited (“Chevron”). Customers who participate in this Promotion (“Participants”) must be valid Personal StarCard or JoyFuel Card holders, at least 18 years of age and have read, and agree to be bounded by the Terms and Conditions herein.
  2. From 26 July to 30 September, 2019 (days inclusive) (“Promotion Period”), customers who fuel up HK$400 or more (after discount in a single transaction) worth of Caltex with Techron® gasoline at any Caltex Service Station is eligible to redeem one item of the below exclusive KAKAO FRIENDS travel premiums:
    Redemption Period: 26 July – 30 September, 2019 (days inclusive)
    Exclusive KAKAO FRIENDS Travel PremiumsRedemption Price (each)
    Luggage TagHK$19
    Passport HolderHK$39
    Foldable Travel BagHK$49
    Neck PillowHK$59

  3. Within the Promotion Period, customers who fuel up HK$500 or more (after discount in a single transaction) worth of Caltex with Techron® gasoline at any Caltex Service Station is eligible to:
    (a) receive 1 pc of exclusive KAKAO FRIENDS Luggage Sticker or 1 pack of Wet Wipes (10 pcs) (either one)
    (b) a chance to enter into the lucky draw (“Lucky Draw”):
    Redemption PeriodExclusive KAKAO FRIENDS Giveaway Items
    26 July – 25 August, 2019 (days inclusive)Luggage Sticker (1 pc)
    26 August – 30 September, 2019 (days inclusive)Wet Wipes (10 pcs)

  4. Redemption must be made immediately at the station after transaction. Later on requests will not be processed.
  5. All redemption/giveaway items are limited in supply and will be handled on a first come, first served basis while stocks last (except for Lucky Draw). Photos are for reference only; actual redemption/giveaway items may vary.
  6. To enroll to the Lucky Draw, please dial through the hotline 25578468 or visit our website http://caltexluckydraw.dmi.com.hk/ by registering the 6 digits printed on the receipt and the 16 digits of the Personal StarCard or JoyFuel Card number, receipt date and time and Hong Kong contact phone number.
  7. The registration period will be between 26 July to 23:59 on 30 September 2019 (days inclusive). Please make sure to have sufficient time to complete the registration process.
  8. Each single receipt with HK$500 purchase of Caltex with Techron gasoline is eligible for one Lucky Draw opportunity. There is no limit to the number of entrance during the Promotion Period by any Participants. Participants are only eligible to win once.
  9. Lucky Draw winners will be drawn randomly by computer on 3 October, 2019. There will have a total of five (5) winners and each of them will receive a total value of HK$30,000 Driving tour travel vouchers.
  10. All winners will be notified individually by SMS and by personal phone call. If Chevron is unable to contact a winner by 9 October, 2019, eligibility will be void. Winners’ information (including name and JoyFuel Card or Personal StarCard number will be published in the Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 11 October, 2019.
  11. Participants are responsible for the accuracy and validity of the information provided for the Lucky Draw purpose. In case of any omissions or errors, Chevron reserves the right to disqualify the entry without prior notice.
  12. All winners will be required to present the HKID card, Personal StarCard or JoyFuel Card and the original receipts (in good and legible condition) for verification purpose. Winners should observe the terms and conditions of the travel vouchers .
  13. Lucky Draw prize and any redeemed item is not transferable, and cannot be resold, replaced or exchanged for cash or any other products or offers under any circumstances.
  14. Any receipts which are incomplete, fake, copy, broken, reprint, edited, smeared, illegible or not within the Promotion Period will not be accepted. Chevron reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the winners. In case of lost receipt, no replacement or reissuance will be processed. The winner’s prize will be forfeited.
  15. If any registered data are lost, inaccurate, unidentifiable or damaged due to any computer, network, telephone or technical failure which are outside Chevron’s reasonable control, Chevron shall not be liable. Any disqualification as a result of the aforementioned incidents is a force majeure event, the Participants shall not dispute.
  16. Chevron reserves the right to use winners’ photos and names in all public relations activities related to this Promotion.
  17. This Promotion does not apply to StarCard company account customers.
  18. Chevron is not the direct supplier of the prizes and will not take any legal liability for the prizes. Should Participants have any disputes concerning the prizes, he/she shall contact the prize suppliers directly. Chevron may provide contact details of the relevant contact person if necessary.
  19. Chevron will ensure that all personal data collected in this Lucky Draw will only be used for this Promotion and will be properly handled in accordance to the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” (Chapter 486). Please visit https://www.caltex.com/hk/zh/privacy-statement.html to know more about our Privacy Statement.
  20. Further to Paragraph 19, subject to customers’ consent, Chevron may send fuel discounts and rewards program promotion materials to customers.
  21. Chevron reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the redemption of premium items and/or giveaway items or amend these terms and conditions at their sole discretion without prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, terms and conditions of the Lucky Draw will not be changed.
  22. In case of any dispute, the decision of Chevron shall prevail.
  23. Should the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions vary, the English version shall prevail.
  24. Trade Promotion Competition License number: 52443
  25. For any enquiry related to the Promotion, please contact our Customer Service Hotline 25826288.